Networking may be in fashion right now, but its key principles never change: continuous informal contact, information sharing and mutual help. That’s why our approach to network-based recruitment is built on the same foundations.

Networking brings you a number of important benefits.

Firstly, it reduces competition and time pressure. So there’s less risk of a bidding war, or losing chosen candidates to other offers.

Secondly, we can use networks to get trusted peer references from people who have worked with the candidate, making it less likely that we hire someone who had an ‘ambiguous exit’ from their previous job.

Finally, networking makes the hiring process more discreet than ads or database search.

Our database

Quality, not quantity, is the mark of a strong agency database.

Ours includes over 30,000 candidates, all contacted and confirmed within the last 18 months.

However, even the best data is only as good as its search. We use the very latest techniques for parsing and selecting CVs, including language processing and pattern-based matching, to guarantee we find you the best match in the time available.

Job boards

Using job boards takes skill. Get it wrong and you’ll receive a poor response, or hear from too many candidates who are underqualified or over-familiar.

However, the right advert at the right time can be powerfully effective – particularly when combined with networking.

When we first work with you, we'll assess your location, your sector and the way you use technology to select the right job boards for your positions.

We also include data on all candidate responses in our reports, so you can track what works for you.

Better for candidates. Better for you

Candidates are our customers too. That’s why we want them to enjoy their dealings with us, regardless of the outcome.

Satisfied candidates are more likely to share their experience, enhancing your profile with potential customers and employees.

For us, keeping candidates happy means understanding their skills and aspirations, presenting opportunities accurately and fairly, explaining selection processes, staying in touch and providing useful feedback. 

He is professional, personable, proactive, energetic and consistently delivers great results in tune with operational and strategic objectives/challenges. He gets it (fast and first time round).

Carole Harriott
Software Development Career Centre Leader, Canada Life